Eastern New York - Referees of Recognition

Eastern New York continues its dedication to produce high quality Referees within its State.


Past FIFA Referees and Assistant Referees from our state include:

1934   Edward Douglas Referee
1937   Manuel Antonio Referee
1947   Sam Galin Referee
1960-1967   Leo Goldstein Referee
1960-1963   James McLean Referee
1967-1973   John Disalvatore Referee
1974-1979   Antonio (Tony) Nobile Referee
1976-1985   Gino D'ippolito Referee
1983-1985   Gus Constantino Referee
1986-1987   Feliks Fuksman Referee

Jack D’Aquila

1992-1996, 1998- Arthur "Chip" Reed Assistant Referee
    Brenda Wright Assistant Referee
    Sharen Wheeler Assistant Referee


The following Referees have / are doing Eastern New York proud and we wish to highlight their achievements in the Refereeing Community:

Referee Grade Official Recognition Info
Nabil Al-Saidi  National Referee    

Hernan Aguilar

 National Referee    
Emilie Buse  National Assistant Referee  MLS Panel  

David Bork

 National Referee    
Brian Dunn  National Assistant Referee MLS AR Current

Ryan DosReis

 National Referee    
Albert Calise  National Assistant Referee    
Jorge Gonzalez

 Professional Referee MLS Referee Current

Karmaj Lahoucine

 National Assistant Referee    
Mednikov Yevgeniy  National Referee    
Obisesan Ayodji  National Referee    
Robert Sibiga  National Referee   Current

Jose Carlos Rivero

 National Referee MLS Referee Current

Saam Jalayer

 National Referee    
Ray Wolfe  National Emeritus Referee    
Boris Lazari  National Emeritus Referee    
Steve Anbrus  National Emeritus Referee    
Mario Mione  National Emeritus Referee    
Carmine Guadagni  National      
Larry Fredella  National      
Larry Cerasi  National      
Jack McCabe  National     Highly Acclaimed
Bobby Hintz  National      
Mario Mione  National      
Kenny Heller  National      
Noel Kenny  National      
Alberto Giordano  National      
John Vargas  National      
Steve Ambrose  National      
Steve Anbrus  National      
Ayo Obissen  National      
Bill Renderos  National      
Steve Karazuvie  National      
Mike Constantine  National      
Lee Suckle  National      
Danny Sposato  National      
Arthur "Chip" Reed  MISL Panel - Referee    
Brendan Mullarkey  MISL Panel - AR & 4th Official